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    European City
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          European City
          Made in Europe Lands in Tianjin

          - Executive Summary
          European Products · European Food
          European Art& Culture& Education · European Experience


          - Tianjin Introduction
          The economic, trading, shipping center of northern China
          The Earliest International Trade City in China
              Tianjin has become a trade harbor city since 1860, when European countries established their concessions there, being the earliest open city to the world in china.  
          Northern Economic Center
              Tianjin is becoming the biggest city economy in China, surpassing Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, with the highest city GDP and GDP per capita. Half of world Top 500 companies have set up their branches and offices here.
          International Port
              Tianjin is the world’s top level port and the largest artificial deepwater port in China, with the throughput ranking the fourth of the world. The fight course of Tianjin harbor reaches over 500 harbors of more than 180


          - Binhai New Area
          European city is located in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin, China’s biggest national economic zone with various economic benefits
          Binhai New Area- China’s Biggest Economic Zone
              Binhai New Area  is located in the east coast of Tianjin, a new national economic zone. It is the biggest among three national economic zones in China nowadays, surpassing Shanghai Pudong economic zone.  Currently, the resident population of Binhai New Area is 2 million.
          Tax Policy Benefits
              Enterprises with domestic or international investment in the Free Trade Zone, engaged in the international trade, international logistic, manufacturing, exhibition and other relevant activities, would be offered with various economic benefits regarding customs, tax and foreign exchange.


          - Location Map
          Tianjin Golden Business Center
              European city is located in the Airport Economic Zone of Binhai New Area, one of the core function zones of Binhai New Area. So far there are over 14,000  companies located in the zone ,including Airbus Assembly Factory, national rocket group etc.
               The main industris include civil aviation, headquarter economy, R&D, international trade,  logistics, high end manufacture.
               Airport Economic Zone is regarded as the golden business place in Tianjin.
           Metro Line, Highway, Railway and Airport
               Two metro lines, six highways, one railway and  one airport provides convenient accessibility to site.
          Travel Distance
                  -Airport                5KM
                  -Downtown          6KM
                  -Harbor               30KM
                  -Beijing               110KM


          - Market Demand
          The figure of Chinese people travelling abroad in 2013 is 95million, 15% increase of 2012. The figure is estimated to be more than 10 billion in 2014.
          The consumption level of Chinese tourists traveling abroad is the top of the world. Shopping accounts for the biggest portion of the consumption.
          Chinese people love to travel to Europe, particularly France , Italy and Spain, which are the most popular tourism destinations.
          Chinese people are interested in European Culture, Art, and lifestyle.
          Target Consumers
          Sufficient Customer Source
          -Population of 80 thousand within 1km of site
          -Population of 150 thousand within 2km of site
          -Population of 2 million within 20km of site
          -Population of 15 million within 50km of site
          -Population of 40 million within 100km of site
          Officials& Business People& Foreigners
          European city is close to the government departments, transnational enterprises and high-level residences. So far more than 14 thousand enterprises have established their offices in the Airport Economic Zone.
          Wedding People
          There are beautiful scenery, a 300000  sqm lake, a church, large lawn area and several 5 start hotels around Oumall, ideal place for wedding ceremonies.
          There is a tourism chain in this district, from the industrial tourism area, international cruise port to the beautiful Lake Resort. Around 120 million people travel here every year.
          Retailer& Wholesaler
          As the first large European center with various imported European products and convenient transportation, Oumall would attract  thousands of Chinese retailers and wholesalers.
          North & East Asia market
          European city can also act as the international transit trade base and goods delivery center covering countries like Japan, South Korea, Russia, Mongolia etc.

          - Leasing Support
          Local Government Support
          All foreign companies registered in European city can enjoy government support regarding local retained VAT, business tax and income tax refund.
               -First two years,  actual  VAT: 14%,  Income tax: 17.5%.
               -Following three year, actual VAT: 15.5%,  Income tax : 21.25%
               (Normal rate: VAT: 17%,  Income tax: 25%)
          A large logistics hub is to be built for European city offering high efficient procedure of customs clearance and commodity inspection.
          Financial Support
          A local bank will be appointed, to provide related trade finance service to companies in the European city.
          Two companies will be set up to  offer financial support. One is a loan guarantee center offering loan guarantee service to S&M companies in European city. The other one is a small loan company which offers loans to related companies with very low interest rate
          5 Star Operation Service
          A professional service team will be set up to provide full supports to companies in the European city in terms of new companies registration, foreign currency exchange, business development, logistics services, accommodation and living support, etc.
          The professional team will coordinate with the government and provide comprehensive and careful service to ensure  smooth and pleasant operations of all companies.

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